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Título: Japonica in the Jesuit Drama of the Southern Netherlands
Palabras clave: Historia
Editorial: Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Descripción: The Jesuit colleges of the provincia Flandro-Belgica actively promoted theatrical performances. Two and a half percent of these shows (some 50 out of nearly 2000 plays), as performed in the seventeenth and eighteenth century, concerned overseas themes, most of these dealing with Japan. Exceptionally, Jesuit missionaries were the subjects of these plays, in particular Franciscus Xaverius. The majority of the performances focused, however, on Japanese Christians and their fate in times of adversity and persecution. Takayama Ukon, the in Europe much publicized crucified Christians of February 1597, the Arima martyrs, Titus from Bungo and a series of others exemplified virtues such as constancy and love of God and one s parents. The plays were often adapted for the young cast and audience. The tragic historical circumstances added fascination to the examples of Christian piety, which the college pupils were expected to follow.
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Aparece en las Colecciones:Bulletin of Portuguese - Japanese Studies

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