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Título: Language contact between portuguese and japanese. Functions of Code-Switching in the Speech of Brazilians Living in Japan
Palabras clave: Historia
Editorial: Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Descripción: Four hundred years after the Portuguese left Japan, yet again we are witness to Portuguese and Japanese language contact, this time due to the continuing migration of Japanese Brazilians to Japan. As a result, the number of Brazilian children raised in a bilingual environment is increasing day by day. In this paper, we analyze code-switching (CS) between Japanese and Portuguese realized by young Brazilian bilingual speakers in in-group conversations. We focus on the discursive and pragmatic functions of CS in natural in-group conversations, taking the point of view that CS must be seen not only as the result of imperfect language acquisition, but also as conversational strategies used either to organize the speech or to affect the hearer in some way, or even to express more accurately the speaker s own feelings. We believe that similar research brings new insights into the dynamics of Japanese/ Portuguese bilingual language use and, also, clarify some aspects of language change in an immigration context.
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Aparece en las Colecciones:Bulletin of Portuguese - Japanese Studies

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