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Título: La descentralización de la política ambiental en la frontera norte: algunas reflexiones desde Sonora
Palabras clave: Estudios Territoriales
Northern Mexico
Political de-centralization
Environmental policy
Editorial: El Colegio de Sonora
Descripción: This study describes Mexico?s decentralizing reforms in the area of environmental policy as they are evident in the case of the northwestern border state of Sonora. The study first locates environmental decentralization within the larger process of political decentralization in contemporary Mexico and the various forms of decentralization that are evident in Mexico today and specific institutional initiatives, national and international, contributing to the goal of environmental decentralization in Mexico. Sonora?s progress in decentralizing environmental policy is then described with special emphasis on the role, resources, and activities of ?municipios?, particularly the municipio of Hermosillo, and on differences among border and interior municipios. The paper concludes t h at environmental decentralization in Sonora largely takes the form of disconcentration, is linked to basic service provision, is proceding more rapidly in the northern border are a , is associated with the growing strength of social movements, and is hampered by numerous ambiguities in existing laws and statutes that need to be addressed if Sonora?s municipios are to assume more responsabilities in this policy area.
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