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-A model of enhanced electron concentration irregularities in the ionosphere: Perturbation amplitudes and hydrodynamic effects-
-A palaeomagnetic study of Upper Pliocene volcanic rocks in the area of the Levant Fault near Homs, western Syria-
-A probabilistic prediction of the next strong earthquake in the Acapulco-San Marcos segment, Mexico-
-A seismic attenuation zone below Popocatépetl volcano inferred from coda waves of local earthquakes-
-An incomplete factorization technique for fast numerical solution of steady-state groundwater flow problems-
-Decay in chloride content of ground water due to excessive production of a well field near León, Mexico-
-Electrical capacitance tomography two-phase oil-gas pipe flow imaging by the linear back-projection algorithm-
-Estimation of geographical coordinates using a differential GPS for short occupation times-
-Geochemistry of the hydrogeological reserve of Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico-
-Geoelectrical characterization of an oil-contaminated site in Tabasco, Mexico-
-GPS-derived total electron content response for the Bastille Day magnetic storm of 2000 at a low mid-latitude station-
-Microwave paleointensity analysis of historic lavas from Paricutín volcano, Mexico-
-Microzonation of the Linares, Northeast Mexico area, based on geology and shear-wave velocity measurements-
-Multiphase flow reconstruction in oil pipelines by capacitance tomography using simulated annealing-
-Multiresolution analysis applied to interpretation of seismic reflection data-
-Paleomagnetic reconstruction of Coahuila, Mexico: the Late Triassic Acatita intrusives-
-Source process and stress change associated with the 11 January, 1997 (Mw=7.1) Michoacán, Mexico, inslab earthquake-
-The forecasting of the 1995 Colima-Jalisco, Mexico, earthquake (Mw = 8): A case history-
-Total electron content variations in the ionosphere before the Colima, Mexico, earthquake of 21 January 2003-
-Vulnerability to contamination of the Zaachila aquifer, Oaxaca, Mexico-