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-A computer model for a high temperature fuel cell-
-A generalized chaotic encryption system for multimedia applications-
-A limit-cycle solver for nonautonomous dynamical systems-
-A mean field model for brownian and turbulent coagulation of polydispersed aerosols-
-A method for generating Gowdy cosmological models-
-A new type of analog cosine converter-
-A nonlinear Re-gauge for the electroweak theory-
-A note on chaos-based communication schemes-
-A numerical study of stiffness effects on some high order splitting methods-
-A petal resonator volume coil for MR neuroimaging-
-A simple method for changing the state of polarization from elliptical into circular-
-A simplified rietveld code for quantitative phase analysis: development, test and application to uranium mineral So-
-Accurate absolute measurement of trapped Cs atoms in a MOT-
-Addendum to "On the vector solutions of Maxwell equations in spherical coordinate systems"-
-Adsorption-desorption kinetics with multiple site occupation-
-Air shower array at the university of Puebla for the study of cosmic rays-
-An ab initio study of platinum hydrogen interaction-
-An all-optical 4-bit register based on a four-order scattering of light by coherent acoustic phonons in single crystals-
-An alternative method of solution to radiative transfer-
-An analysis on the inversion of polynomials-