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-3D Simulations of the Fragmentation of Photoevaporating Clumps Embedded in a Stellar Wind-
-A CCD Search for Wide Metal-Poor Binary Stars: Approaching the Metal-Depleted Substellar Limit-
-A Determination of the Atmospheric Gamma-Ray Spectrum between 10 and 100 MeV made at High Geomagnetic Cut-Off-
-A Lossy Method for Compressing Raw CCD Images-
-A Model for the Cross Section of a Turbulent, Radiative Jet or Wake-
-A Near-Infrared and Millimeter Study of the Rosette Molecular Cloud. An EMIR Teaser-
-A new determination of the rotation curve from galactic disk planetary nebulae-
-A new Hall of Astronomy in the Science Museum at UNAM-
-A New Look at the Holes of IC 2574-
-A new method to find the potential center of N-Body systems-
-A new RR Lyrae Survey of the Galactic Halo using quest Collaboration Data-
-A New Stellar Library in the K Band-
-A New Warm Molecular Clump toward the Star Forming Region G34.26+0.15-
-A New, 3D Adaptive Grid Code for Astrophysical and Geophysical Gasdynamics-
-A photometric view of the redshift distribution of dust-enshrouded galaxies-
-A polarizing Fourier Transform Spectrometer to characterize millimeter-wavelength filters and measure the atmospheric opacity-
-A possible hydrodynamical equivalence for astrophysical jets-
-A Redetermination of the LMC Proper Motion using Four Quasar Fields-
-A Revised Calibration of the MV-W(O I 7774) Relationship using Hipparcos Data: Its Application to Cepheids and Evolved Stars-
-A Search for z 6 QSOs in the Palomar-Quest Sky Survey-