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-QSO Host Galaxy Luminosity and [O III] Line Width as a Surrogate for Stellar Velocity Distribution-
-QSOs and the survey otelo-
-Quantitative Spectral Classification. Analysis of K-M Giant Stars in the Visible and Near-IR region-
-Quantitative Stellar Spectral Classification. III. Spectral Resolution-
-Quantitative Stellar Spectral Classification. II. Early Type Stars-
-Radio Continuum and H I Observations of the Remarkable Planetary Nebula KJPN 8-
-Radio Continuum and H92 Recombination Line Observations of G34.26+0.15 and G5.89-0.39-
-Radio Continuum Observations towards Optical and Molecular Outflows-
-Red Dwarfs and the End of the Main Sequence-
-Reionization and the Fate of Dwarf Galaxies-
-Relation between Source and Temperature Fluctuations in Photoionized Nebulae-
-Resolution Issues in the Collapse and Fragmentation of Turbulent Molecular Cloud Cores-
-Response of a Balloon-Borne Omnidirectional Detector to the Atmospheric Secondary Charged Cosmic Radiation at a place of 11.5 GV Geomagnetic Cut-Off-
-Revised diagnostic diagrams for planetary nebulae-
-Rosat x-ray observations of central galactic starbursts-
-RR Lyrae Search and Stellar Populations Study in Canis Major: Preliminary Results-
-RUCA: A System for Astronomical Imaging-
-Runaway Stars, Trapezia, and Subtrapezia-
-Scalings between physical and their observationally related quantities of merger remnants-
-Searching for High Redshift Clusters-