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-Benefits of image deconvolution in CCD imagery-
-Biases in the kinematic parallaxes of galactic planetary nebulae-
-BV RI surface photometry of mixed morphology pairs of galaxies. III. The third data set-
-Calibration for Large Telescopes: Status and Prospects-
-CanariCam: The Multi-Mode Mid-IR Instrument for the GTC-
-Carbon and Oxygen Galactic Abundance Gradients: A Comparative Study of Stellar Yields-
-CCD imagery, uvby&#946; Photometry, and the Physical Parameters of Haffner 19-
-CCD photometry of M92-
-CCD photometry of the globular cluster M15: RR lyrae fourier decomposition and physical parameters-
-CCD Photometry of the Open Clusters NGC 2658, NGC 2849, and NGC 3247-
-CCD Photometry of the Open Clusters NGC 2671 and Anonymous Haffner 17 (C0749-317)-
-CCD Photometry of the RR LYRAE Stars in NGC 4147-
-CCD-Based Astrometric Measurement of Photographic Plates-
-CCDs and CCD controllers for the GTC Day One-
-Centimeter Emission in the UY Aur System-
-Chemical Abundances of NGC 5461 and NGC 5471 Derived from Echelle Spectrophotometry-
-Chemical Composition of the H II Region Hubble V in NGC 6822 Based on VLT Spectroscopy-
-CO Linewidths and the Black Hole - Bulge Relationship for High Redshift QSOs-
-Commissioning Instrument for the GTC-
-Comparison of Solar Motion relative to Stars of Different Color Index in the Solar Neighborhood-