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-A Simple Method to Compensate Softening Effects in N-Body Simulations of Spherical Stellar Systems-
-A Simple Model for Hydromagnetic Instabilities in the Presence of a Constant Magnetic Field-
-A simple model to determine chaotic motions around asteroids-
-A Spectrographic Study of the Interacting Eclipsing Binary RY Scuti: An Episode in the Rapid Mass Loss Stage or a Protoplanetary Nebula?-
-A Study of the Variability of Water Maser Emission in a Sample of Young Stellar Objects-
-A T Tauri phase in brown dwarfs & the role of gtc-
-Absorption line indices for studying stellar populations-
-Adaptive Optics Observations of Active Galactic Nuclei: Zooming into the Central Parsec Region-
-Additional Atmospheric Opacity Measurements at Millimeter Wavelengths from San Pedro Mártir Sierra in Baja California-
-AGN Activity and Circumnuclear Star Formation in Nearby Galaxies-
-An Analytic Model for the Motion of the Head of a Variable Jet-
-An Efficient Monte Carlo Algorithm for a Restricted Class of Scattering Problems in Radiation Transfer-
-An empirical criterion to classify T Tauri stars and substellar analogs using low-resolution spectroscopy-
-An Infrared Survey of Neutron-Capture Elements in Planetary Nebulae-
-Analysis of Hubble Space Telescope Fine Guidance Sensor Data in TRANS Mode: An Overview-
-Analysis of Select RR Lyrae Stars in Serpens from uvby Photoelectric Photometry-
-Application of non-linear analysis to variability of 3C390.3-
-April 8 2005: Selene decked out with Baily beads (Hybrid eclipse of the Sun)-
-Artificial Satellite Theory: Contribution of the Tesseral Harmonic Coefficients-
-Asteroid and minor bodies science with the Large Millimetric Telescope-