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Título: Abastecimiento de agua potable para pequeñas comunidades rurales por medio de un sistema de colección de lluvia-planta potabilizadora
Palabras clave: Multidisciplinarias (Ciencias Sociales)
Drinking water supply
Rural communities
Treatment plant
Rainfall collection
State of Mexico
Editorial: Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México
Descripción: In this paper is showed the design of a system of drinking water supply for small rural communities trough rainfall collection-treatment plant. The design of the developed treatment plant considers a consumption of 60 1/h/d. In this work the following characteristics have been retained as the representatives for a rural comunity: £ 200 inhabitants; lack of potable water and electrical energy; to count on the possibility of supplying themselves of surface water under specific topographical conditions that they diminish the requirements of energy in the purification process. The rainwater harvesting represents a frequent scene in Latin America, and the proposed process of purification considers devices of low cost and easily operation.
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