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Palabras clave: Filosofía
Jural relations
economic theory
property rights
liberty spaces
ability spaces
Editorial: Sociedad Argentina de Análisis Filosófico
Descripción: The paper intends to show, (1) that W. N. Hohfelds theory of fundamental jural rela- tions is relevant to economic theory, and (2) that Hohfelds system can be reconstruct- ed by the concepts of liberty space and ability space, understood as an agents Spielraum for action. The first half of the paper is devoted to an exposition of Hohfelds system and to the question of its relation to the economic analysis of property rights. The second half concerns Spielraum theory and the reformulation of Hohfeldian dis- tinctions in terms of liberty spaces and ability spaces. It is argued that the reformu- lation is useful, inter alia, for describing exchange of property rights by contract.
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