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Palabras clave: Economía y Finanzas
water utilities
duration model
Editorial: Universidad de Zaragoza
Descripción: I apply a duration model to the study of factors determining the privatization of local water services. I assess how the influence of these factors changes as time goes by. I use a sample of municipalities from the Spanish region of Catalonia during the six terms of office that ran between 1980 and 2002. I hypothesize a dynamic neighboring effect, which is not rejected by the data: in a first phase (early eighties), water privatization is more likely in regions where there is no previous privatization; in a second phase (nineties), the opposite happens. The way other factors influence the privatization decision also evolves during the two decades under study, from a priority to fix old infrastructures to a concern about service efficiency. Budgetary shortfalls seem to encourage privatization only in times of huge economic struggle. The political sign of the government may influence the mode-of-production decision if there is no consensus about the most efficient one.
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