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Título: A Response to Steubing et al., "Effects of Systematic Phonics Instruction are Practically Significant": The Origin of the National Reading Panel
Palabras clave: Educación
Early reading
phonics instruction
literacy instruction
reading difficulties
National Reading Panel
Editorial: Arizona State University
Descripción: A recent article by Stuebing, Barth, Cirino, Francis and Fletcher critiqued the findings of Camilli, Vargas, and Yurecko (2003) and Camilli, Wolfe, and Smith (2006). With a methodological argument, they attempted to resolve the conflict between these studies and the original report Teaching Children to Read (National Reading Panel, 2000). In response, it is argued that three issues must be considered in a fair assessment of the NRP report¿program labels or bins, alternative bins, and the role of literacy activities in reading instruction. In this light, three hypotheses ventured by Stuebing et al. are analyzed. It is concluded that the argument by Stuebing et al. does not reveal flaws in the original NRP report by Camilli et al. (2003), though some points of agreement are acknowledged.
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