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-¿Han funcionado las reformas educativas en América Latina? Un estudio de los casos de Argentina, Brasil y Chile-
-Heterogeneidad en el Acceso a la Educación Media y el Trabajo Infantil-
-High Expense: Disability Severity and Charter School Attendance in Arizona-
-High-Stakes Testing and Student Achievement: Does Accountability Pressure Increase Student Learning?-
-High-stakes Testing and Student Achievement: Updated Analyses with NAEP Data-
-¿Historias diferentes, opiniones comunes? Las perspectivas de 16 rectores de universidades públicas y privadas sobre el sistema universitario argentino-
-Historical Trends in Educational Decentralization in the United States and Developing Countries: A Periodization and Comparison in the Post-WWII Context-
-Houston, We Have a Problem: Teachers Find No Value in the SAS Education Value-Added Assessment System (EVAAS®)-
-How Consistent are Course Grades? An Examination of Differential Grading-
-How Ready are Postsecondary Institutions for Students who are d/Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing?-
-How Universities Work: Understanding Higher Education Organization in Northwest China-
-Hugging the Middle. Teaching in an Era of Testing and Accountability, 1980-2005-
-Identifying Personal and Contextual Factors that Contribute to Attrition Rates for Texas Public School Teachers-
-Identity and Motivation Among Hispanic English Language Learners in Disparate Educational Contexts-
-Impact of Performance-funding on Retention and Graduation Rates-
-Implantação de programas de educação inclusiva em um município brasileiro: garantia de efetivação do processo ensino-aprendizagem?-
-Improving Low-Performing Schools through External Assistance: Lessons from Chicago and California-
-In Search of Leading Indicators in Education-
-Incentives, Teachers, And Gender At Work-
-Inclusive education and training systems: Illusion or reality? The story of Nothemba-