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Título: El acceso a la cultura escrita: la participación social y la apropiación de conocimientos en eventos cotidianos de lectura y escritura
Palabras clave: Educación
adult education
reading and writing practices
Editorial: Consejo Mexicano de Investigación Educativa, A.C.
Descripción: This paper looks at the issue of access to literacy. First, Carolina who has only two years of schooling, is presented in the opening lines. Then its central discussion is around Ana who did not attend school as a child and her participation in everyday literacy events and her process of appropriation of specific practices. It uses current socio cultural theory as a conceptual framework, emphasizing the social spects of learning over individual ones. The author finds that appropriation is the result of access to multiple aspects of practice simultaneously (relevant information, know how production processes, among others) giving the learner the opportunity to reconstruct literacy uses as needed. She also notes that the appropriation of literacy practices does not necessarily mean full mastery of all that is involved. In the conclusions it is noted that in order to better understand the distribution of reading and writing it is necessary to develop an research agenda that takes a closer look at learning to read and write in the social world.
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