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Título: Dos culturas bancarias en México. Estrategias después del TLCAN
Palabras clave: Estudios Territoriales
Commercial banks
Financial liberalization
Free trade
Editorial: El Colegio de Sonora
Descripción: The purpose of this work is to compare the competitive strategies of domestically - owned commercial banks established in Mexico with those of foreign banks. First , the most recent studies on the participation of foreign banks are presented, followed by an examination of the financial liberalization measures which opened the way for the participation of foreign banks in Mexico. The measures emphasized have to do with changes in the system of attracting investment, especially the modifications to the legal framework for foreign investment, and the signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NA F TA) .The financial perspective in the context of the nafta is explained, and then the competitive strategies of the national banks and the foreign banks are compared on the basis of risk , return , and growth of market share. The work concludes that subsidiaries of foreign banks in Mexico have achieved their relative share in the Mexican market owing to penetration strategies of low level credit and liquidity risks.
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