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Título: Análisis comparativo de tres sistemas de pesca artesanal
Palabras clave: Estudios Territoriales
Biological diversity
Consume patterns
Editorial: El Colegio de Sonora
Descripción: Two craftsmanship-type fishing systems of the Mexican Pacific and one of the Spanish Mediterranean are analyzed, as regards production aspects, biological diversity and management, order to establish the degree in which they are determining for the development of this activity. Despite geographical and cultural differences, similarities were observed between the production systems although there we re important differences regarding their organization. In the Mexican Systems, capital for maintenance and improvement of facilities and equipment is limited, being reflected in the level of life of the operators, as opposed to the Spanish system. The infrastructure, as well as the presence of training centers were not determining. Differences are attributable to customs and policies for diversifying consumption and to capital investments, as well as to a particular regulation of fishing efforts (number of vessels per day) and production marketing in Spanish fisheries, whose feasibility is discussed for Mexican fisheries.
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