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dc.creatorCésar Gutiérrez Tapia-
dc.creatorJavier González Damián-
dc.descriptionAbstract. The calculation of the magnetic field generated by N axially aligned coils is still an important technical problem in the construction process of several plasma confinement devices with mirror type magnetic field profiles. The two more frequently used methods in magnetic field calculation of N symmetrically aligned coils are the method of zonal harmonics and that of elliptic integral equations. In this paper, using the existing numerical methods for computation of complete elliptic integrals of first kind K and second kind E respectively, a simple algorithm for magnetic field calculation is obtained. This algorithm can be easily transported in any programming language. A comparison with experimental results is presented.-
dc.publisherUniversidad Autónoma del Estado de México-
dc.rightsCiencia Ergo Sum-
dc.sourceCiencia Ergo Sum (México) Num.3 Vol.9-
dc.subjectMultidisciplinarias (Ciencias Sociales)-
dc.subjectmagnetic field-
dc.subjectmagnetic mirror-
dc.titleCampo magnético generado por N bobinas alineadas axialmente-
dc.typeArtículo científico-
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