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Título: Aggression and Pro-Sociability: Risk and Protective Dynamics in Popularity and Bullying Processes
Palabras clave: Psicología
Editorial: Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Descripción: Previous research has shown that positive psychological characteristics can moderate the relationship between aggression and developmental outcomes. This study assessed whether pro-sociability could moderate the association between aggression and victimization, and aggression and popularity. A convenience sample of 253 Brazilian children of low socioeconomic status (M age = 11.82, SD = 1.41) participated in the study. Structural equation modeling showed that the interaction between aggression and pro-social behaviors did not decrease children's chances of being victimized and did not alter the association between aggression and popularity. Aggression seemed to be a predictor of bullying and pro-sociability, of popularity. These results contradict findings from previous studies that showed an association between aggression and positive behaviors such as pro-sociability. More studies are necessary to highlight cultural and contextual differences, comparing these results to those of other Latin American samples.
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