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Título: Prevalence of self-reported overweight-obesity and its association with socioeconomic and health factors among older Mexican adults
Palabras clave: Salud
socioeconomic factors
health factors
Editorial: Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública
Descripción: Objective: To investigate the prevalence of obesity and its association with socioeconomic factors and comorbidities in a population-based study. Material and Methods: Data were examined from 4 605 persons ages 60 and older that participated in the 2001 Mexican Health and Aging Study, conducted in rural and urban communities in Mexico. The prevalence of obesity (according to self-reported weight and height) was obtained, strati #64257;ed by age, and logistic regression was used to study cross-sectional associations between obe-sity and socioeconomic factors. Results: Of the population studied, 20.9% were classi #64257;ed as obese and the prevalence diminishes with age. Overall, women were more likely than men to be obese. Lower educational level was associated with lower risk of overweight. In both men and women, obesity was more common between subjects with hypertension (OR 1.38 and 1.71, respectively) and long-distance walk limitation (OR 2.08 and 2.21, respectively). Conclusion. In older Mexican adults, hypertension and long-distance walk limitation were independent associated factors for higher prevalence of obesity.
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