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Título: Feeding patterns of mexican infants recorded in the 1988 National Nutrition Survey
Palabras clave: Salud
breast feeding
milk substituies
nutrition surveys
Editorial: Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública
Descripción: Infant feeding patterns iii Mesico were cirm.red using dato frorn the 1988 Narioiicrl Nutrition Surve?.. The l~revalence of brecist:feeding ~r~nong infi111t.s declined porn 86% at hirtl~ to approsiriiate~ 40% qfter three nlonths r,f age. The Izcicard rafe of terinintrting brerist- feeding increused by 38% cit tlie ntrtioncrl leve1 and by 87% iil the northern regio11 with ecich increineilt in kousehold lii~ing conditions, decreased 50% in rzird rnuniciycilitie.s in the south and decreasecl l7y 20% in al1 rugionsfi)r each motzth that the introduction of otlier rni1k.s MYIS deloyed. The rafe qf other milk introd~iction incrcwsed I,v beti.ceen 16% and 20% rit the nationtrl Imel rind witlzin tAe ceritiril nnd southern regions with each Aouseltold living condi- tion incrernent hut íiecwcised by hetweeri 20 to 30% within indigenous or rural. Final!\, tke probability of solid food inrroducrion incrensed hetween 8 arid 15% with each household living conrlition iricrenient.
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