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Título: A controlled pilot study on the efficacy of a low dose antibiotic for the treatment of chronic constipation in patients receiving a high fiber diet
Palabras clave: Medicina
Key words. Fibre
chronic constipation
Editorial: Sociedad Argentina de Gastroenterología
Descripción: Background and aims. In a previous uncontrolled experi - ment, oral vancomycin improved the symptoms (S) of chro - nic constipation (CC). The aim of this 21 day controlled pilot study was to determine if a low lincomycin dose impro - ved the S of CC patients unresponsive to a high fiber diet. Methods. On days 0-to-10, patients were randomized to 500 mg oral lincomycin + high fiber (L+F) or to placebo + high fiber (P+F). Participants and patients were blinded. From days 10-to-21, patients were continued solely on the high fiber diet. The primary efficacy endpoint was the diffe - rence in S between L+F and P+F from days 0-to-21 using a visual analog scale (VAS) calibrated from 0=severe S to 10=asymptomatic. Results. The means of all S were signifi - cantly improved by L+F but not by P+F. A significant hig - her proportion of L+F patients increased the VAS 3 points. Conclusions. The initial course of L facilitated the effect of F probably by its effect on the colon flora. This sequence of flora-altering biologics + F may serve as model to replace chronic use of drugs.
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