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dc.creatorMauricio Véliz Campos-
dc.descriptionThe present qualitative study aims to, from a critical perspective, uncover the beliefs and attitudes that pre-service English teachers have with regard to diverse linguistic phenomena, viz. perceptions about English varieties, implications of a foreign accent in teachers of English, and the spread of English across the world. Similarly, it intends to unveil the factors that contribute to the establishment of such belief systems. The results show that highly stereotypical beliefs prevail with regard to varieties and accents of English, and that knowledge about the spread of English is rather meagre. Also, it becomes apparent that both implicit and explicit discourses used by teacher trainers exert a powerful influence on the construction of belief systems.-
dc.publisherUniversidad Católica Silva Henríquez-
dc.rightsLiteratura y Lingüística-
dc.sourceLiteratura y Lingüística (Chile) Num.23-
dc.subjectLengua y Literatura-
dc.subjectVarieties of English-
dc.subject(foreign) accent-
dc.subjectspread of English-
dc.titleA critical interrogation of the prevailing teaching model(s) of English pronunciation at teacher-training college level: A Chilean evidence-based study-
dc.typeArtículo científico-
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