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Título: Outline of a Sociology of Translation Informed by the Ideas of Pierre Bourdieu
Palabras clave: Lengua y Literatura
Bourdieusian sociology of translation
American literature
French literary fields
Editorial: Universitat de València
Descripción: In this article I put forward a sociology of translation informed by the ideas of Pierre Bourdieu. Founded on a theory of action, this theory may be defined as a theory of translation practice. Translation practice is examined here through the study of the translation of symbolic goods, specifically American literature into French. The notions of 'field', 'habitus' and 'illusio' are briefly analysed and applied to American literature in French. The habitus of Marcel Duhamel and Maurice-Edgar Coindreau are examined, as well as the illusio specific to the science-fiction field. Bourdieusian sociology serves as a foundation for raising questions that are often discussed in translation studies but not dealt with in the article -questions of ethics, censorship, resistance, power...
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