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Título: Metaphors in Dialogue: Feminist Literary Critics, Translators and Writers
Palabras clave: Lengua y Literatura
Feminist Translation
Feminist Literary Criticism
Women writers
Editorial: Universitat de València
Descripción: This article seeks to investigate the changing perception of the term translation in feminist TS thanks to a continuous dialogue with other fields such as, feminist literary criticism, post-structuralism, postcolonial studies and cultural studies that have borrowed and utilised the notion of translation. Translation has become a travelling concept for feminist scholars who have utilized it in a metaphorical way for a feminist critique of language and ideology. The essay proposes a new approach to feminist translation studies from an interdisciplinary perspective that takes into account keyconcepts and figurative language in different feminisms in dialogue. Metaphors of translation and translators have influenced and have been influenced by other fields of research in a fruitful interaction among disciplines thanks to a convergence of the topics and issues at stake. A new rhetoric has been created for translation and translators, a rhetoric born from an interaction with other feminist theories that gave birth to an enriching dialogue among disparate women's voices.
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