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Título: Características del desarrollo del sector de servicios en Sonora (1975-1993)
Palabras clave: Estudios Territoriales
Economic sectors
Northern Mexico
Editorial: El Colegio de Sonora
Descripción: Economic ?tertiarization? is not a recent process. Nonetheless, the fact that its dynamics has surpassed even that of industrial activities, is surprising. This phenomenon mainly occurs in developed economies, although it is growingly noticeable in countries such as Mexico. The objective of the present paper is to detect the role played by the acelerated growth process of service in a country?s or region?s development in this particular case, the State of Sonora. The documents divided into three sections. The first one provides a brief introduction to establish the importance of the study of the service sector. The second section gives some of the characteristics of the so called ?service revolution? process. Next, the general features of Sonora?s economic growth will be presented, establishing the situation of the tertiary sector. The following section provides the characteristics of services proper. The fourth part comprises conclusions.
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