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dc.creatorLudger Pries-
dc.descriptionThis article analyzes the main changes which have taken place in the production profile of Volkswagen de México. It is divided into three sections: the first part illustrates the restructuring process of the Volkswagen consortium?s international profile; the second explains its supply strategies and relations with its suppliers, and the third section evaluates the impact of these changes on the Puebla region. The paper describes the establishment of the company in Mexico, and, taking the year 1992 as a starting point, depicts the two following situations: The first one (?before?) is characterized by a wide range of products without attaining a real economy of scale, a low-level modernization and automation, and labor organization and personnel policies adapted to the country ?s general conditions, and the second one (?after?) by a change of model, a new work system, a substitution of most of the company?s top management, as well as the beginning of a new strategy and supply structures, which is an ?invitation? to their suppliers to establish business in the Puebla area.-
dc.publisherEl Colegio de Sonora-
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dc.sourceRegión y Sociedad (México) Num.19 Vol.XII-
dc.subjectEstudios Territoriales-
dc.subjectAutomobil industry-
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dc.titleReestructuración productiva y estrategias de aprovisionamiento-
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