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Título: Capitales Nacionales y Caribeños en el Zulia: establecimiento de la primera Industria Azucarera Venezolana (1900-1920)
Palabras clave: Historia
sugar cane
lake of Maracaibo
Editorial: Universidad del Norte
Descripción: The association of zulian men and women coming from diverse social classes and origin integrated in a network and connected to caribbean capital (Puerto Rican and Cuban) transformed, in the two first decades of the twentieth century, the production and the commerce of sugar cane products. They created an economic and social platform which made easier the process of industrialization of the sugar for the first time in Venezuela and incorporated the product in the national and international market. The venezuelan and caribbean alliance took place when the social actors decided to get organized and founded the anonymous companies Unión Agrícola (1909) and Central Azucarero del Zulia (1912) placed in Bobures and Gibraltar, in Sucre district, to the south of the lake of Maracaibo. These companies improved the traditional practice of land exploitation and transformed the status of the farmer and the trader into raw material producer and share holder of the sugar corporations. The sugar corporations operated with technology coming from Cuba, Europe and the United States
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