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Título: Mixed bird flocks: patterns of activity and species composition in a region of the Central Andes of Colombia
Palabras clave: Biología;Zoología; Ecología
La Patasola Natural Reserve; montane forest; Quindío; species richness; South America
Fecha de publicación: 23-Sep-2011
Editorial: Instituto de Biología
Descripción: Mixed bird flocks are groups of individuals from different species that travel and forage together. Suchgroups are common in several bird communities around the world. We present species composition and activity patternsof mixed bird flocks in a region of the Central Andes of Colombia. We compared the number of species per flock, aswell as the number of flocks among 3 different habitats. We tested hypotheses concerning the flocks daily activity andthe co-occurrences of species within them. We recorded 75 species, and the species number per flock varied from 4 to21. Our data suggest that habitat affects the number of flocks but not their species number, and that the activity of flocksis similar throughout the day. In addition, the association of birds in flocks is affected by interspecific facilitation, withsome species co-occurrences found more times than expected by chance. We hypothesize that some tanager speciescould have a role in flock cohesion. We witnessed 2 predator attacks upon flocks, a number of agonistic interactionsamong flock members, and squirrels following bird flocks. Our results meet some general patterns described for mixedbird flocks.
Other Identifiers: http://revistas.unam.mx/index.php/bio/article/view/25723
Aparece en las Colecciones:Revista Mexicana de Biodiversidad

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