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Título: Gacetas españolas de los Países Bajos en el siglo XVII: La Gaceta de Amsterdam y Noticias Principales y Verdaderas
Palabras clave: Comunicación
Gazette/Spain/Low Countries/XVII Century
Editorial: Universidad de Sevilla
Descripción: Early journalism -the one before 1789- is still, despite its importance, very unknown. It is so as well in the case of Spain and in the case of the Spanish-language gazettes published not only in the Peninsula but also in the Low Countries. Except, for some reasons, the Gazeta de Madrid, historians of journalism rarely take into account the other gazettes published in the rest of Spain and, moreover, those published in Spanish during the sixteenth century in Holland and Flandria. We will however speak about those newspapers, until recently almost absolutely unknown amongst us in spite of their influence and important role in that period, as can be demonstrated by the fact that some of those gazettes were published again in Spain, concretely in San Sebastián. We analyse the Gazeta de Amsterdam, published by the Dutch sephardic community between 1675 and 1690, the Noticias Principales y Verdaderas appeared in Brussels between 1685 and 1704, and the reissuing of this and another Flemish gazette in San Sebastián.
Other Identifiers: http://www.redalyc.org/articulo.oa?id=16800812
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