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dc.descriptionExtensive ejidal cattle in northern México has developed due adequate water soil and climate conditions; nevertheless, in the past few years a natural resources harm has been observed as well as a trend of emigration of the population. The methodology utilized in this paper was supported in a pool to ejidal cattle producers of the San Luis del Cordero County in the state of Durango, by means of stratified random sampling based on the number of cows. Results have shown that producers owning less than 20 cows depend mostly on remittances from emigrants. This group of producers also are less organized and with less technology for the agricultural and cattle activities. This study presents a characterization of the ejidal cattle production system identifying the main factors that limits this activity. It is concluded that the ejidal cattle located in the middle part of the Occidental Sierra Madre survive due the remittances of emigrants and that the economical growth of this people is more limited by natural causes rather than economical since the people is getting older and the forage availability is diminishing.-
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dc.titleGanadería ejidal y emigración en el Municipio de San Luis del Cordero, Durango, Norte de México-
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