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Título: Habilidades de pensamiento crítico sobre contenidos históricos en alumnos de bachillerato
Palabras clave: Educación
critical thinking
cognitive skills
teaching of History
Editorial: Consejo Mexicano de Investigación Educativa, A.C.
Descripción: Based on two theoretical models of critical thinking skills (arguments evaluation and critical literacy) a case study research with three female teachers and six of their own Universal History groups with 190 students, was conducted at two Campuses of CCH-UNAM high school system. The study had the following main purposes: first, assessing students critical thinking skills before and after teaching episodes related to the topic ?Imperialism, their origins and consecuences?, and second, helping professors to analize and innovate their own practice by means of a constructivist teacher education training program. The study was divided in two great phases: previous and subsecuent to teacher?s education training. Such training consisted in clinical interviews, critical reflection of their own practice, class projects analysis and strategic teaching reviews. Students were tested (before and after each teaching episodes in the two phases) in relation to declarative knowledge and acquisition of critical thinking skills toward the topic mentioned. Data analysis (qualitative and statistical) indicate that in the first didactic sequence (before teacher?s education training), students learned just declarative knowledge but not critical thinking skills. In contrast, in the second didactic sequence (after teacher?s education training) students improved in declarative knowledge in all the three groups evaluated, but their performance continued at a low level in critical thinking because just one group improved significantly. A multiple regression analysis shows that students achievement level can be predicted in relation to the following main components: declarative knowledge, critical thinking and teacher.
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