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dc.creatorBonifacio Barba-
dc.descriptionThis paper describes the results of an evaluation of moral judgment development of lower and upper secondary students in Aguascalientes State. Evaluation was accomplished according to Lawrence Kohlberg?s theory of moral development using the Defining Issues Test by Rest. Data analysis is based on the mean values for moral stages and for the postconventional moral thinking level. The analysis emphasizes this level of moral judgment observing its relations to some variables such as education, age, school grade, gender, type of school control and municipalities. In general terms, the students have a similar profile of moral development in which stage four of moral judgment is preeminent. There is no statistical difference in postconvencional moral thinking between upper secondary students over the lower ones, although the first group of students have more age/schooling. There is a higher grade of postconventional moral thinking on other variables: upper secondary students with general modality of curriculum and private control; women from upper school level against men; some municipalities over others, and so on.-
dc.publisherConsejo Mexicano de Investigación Educativa, A.C.-
dc.rightsRevista Mexicana de Investigación Educativa-
dc.sourceRevista Mexicana de Investigación Educativa (México) Num.13 Vol.6-
dc.subjectmoral judgment development-
dc.subjectprincipled moral judgment of lower and upper secondary students-
dc.subjectKohlberg theory-
dc.subjectDefining Issues Test-
dc.titleRazonamiento moral de principios en estudiantes de secundaria y de bachillerato-
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