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-3D Modeling of the Mexican Sign Language for a Speech-to-Sign Language System-
-A Bayesian Estimation of Distribution Algorithm Approach to the Definition of Linear Antenna Arrays Excitations-
-A Class of Parametric Regular Networks for Multicomputer Architectures-
-A Divide-and-Conquer Approach to Commercial Territory Design-
-A Fast Algorithm for Scheduling Equal-Length Jobs on Identical Machines-
-A Fast Method for Plotting Binary Solids Composed of a Large Number of Voxels-
-A Feed-Forward Neural Networks-Based Nonlinear Autoregressive Model for Forecasting Time Series-
-A Fuzzy Approach on Image Complexity Measure-
-A Fuzzy Neural Network Approach for Document Region Classification Using Human Visual Perception Features-
-A Fuzzy Reasoning Model for Recognition of Facial Expressions-
-A Gaussian Selection Method for Speaker Verification with Short Utterances-
-A Generic Method to Extend Message Space of a Strong Pseudorandom Permutation-
-A Genetic Algorithm Application for Individual and Group Multicriteria Decision Making-
-A Hybrid Approach in the Development of Behavior Based Robotics-
-A KKT Simplex Method for Efficiently Solving Linear Programs for Grasp Analysis Based on the Identification of Nonbinding Constraints-
-A Knowledge-Base Oriented Approach for Automatic Keyword Extraction-
-A Low-Complexity current-mode WTA circuit based on CMOS Quasi-FG Inverters-
-A Machine-Vision System to Detect Unusual Activities Online at Vehicular Intersections-
-A methodology based on effective practices to develop educational software-
-A mixed hardware/software SOFM training system-