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-A Class of Parametric Regular Networks for Multicomputer Architectures-
-A Fast Algorithm for Scheduling Equal-Length Jobs on Identical Machines-
-A Fast Method for Plotting Binary Solids Composed of a Large Number of Voxels-
-A Fuzzy Neural Network Approach for Document Region Classification Using Human Visual Perception Features-
-A Genetic Algorithm Application for Individual and Group Multicriteria Decision Making-
-A Model of the Distributed Constraint Satisfaction Problem and an Algorithm for Configuration Desing-
-A Neural Network model for Syntactic and Semantic Disambiguation-
-A Phase Domain Modelling of Thyristor Controller Series Compensator for Active Power Flow Control in Unbalanced Electric Transmission Networks-
-A Reactive Location Routing Algorithm with Cluster-Based Flooding for Inter- Vehicle Communication-
-A Stabilizable Control Laws For a Rotational Pendulum: A Trajectory Planning Approach-
-A Supervised Discretization Method for Quantitative and Qualitative Ordered Variables-
-A virtual Environment: Exploring the Brain Forest-
-Accurate Flexible Numerical Boundary Conditions for Multidimensional Transport and Diffusion-
-Adaptive Tracking for DC-Derivate Motor Based on Matrix Forgetting-
-Agent Based Simulation in the Selection of Work Teams-
-Algoritmo para Corregir Errores Ortográficos en Español Relacionados al Acento-
-Algoritmos y Métodos para el Reconocimiento de Voz en Español Mediante Sílabas-
-Alpha-beta bidirectional associative memories-
-An Adaptive Coherence-Replacement Protocol for Web Proxy Cache Systems-
-An analysis of the Active Layer Optimization of High Power Pulsed IMPATT Diodes-