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Título: Use and management of tree fodder resources on farms in central Veracruz, Mexico
Palabras clave: Agrociencias
Animal production systems
humid tropics
woody perennial forage species
Editorial: Universidad de Colima
Descripción: Cattle producers were surveyed to evaluate the use and potential of trees and shrubs in 60 livestock farms from the municipalities of Tlapacoyan, Misantla and Martínez de la Torre, Veracruz, Mexico. The study identified, located, and described the use of promising woody species as fodder in three animal production systems. Surveys recorded information about: animal production systems, pasture management, main agricultural products of the farm, identification, management and use of trees and shrubs in the farm. Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics. Three animal production systems were characterized: dual-purpose (57%), cow-calf operation (30%), and pasture-based finishing (13%); where 145 tree species were identified, with Bursera simaruba, Gliricidia sepium and Cedrela odorata as the most common. The main use of trees species were, fuelwood and charcoal, lumber, and live fence posts. Also, the first two, from the 12 species were the most eaten by cattle as fodder material, mainly as branching (38.80%) or cut-and-carry use (3.50%). The study showed a high diversity of woody species, with multiple functions in within the farms, highlighting some woody species as fodder, which adds value to the animal production systems when are used at critical times of the year.
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