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Título: Applicability of prediction equations for cutability in beef carcasses in Jalisco, Mexico
Palabras clave: Agrociencias
retail cuts
Editorial: Universidad de Colima
Descripción: The beef industry in Jalisco State, Mexico lacks a local system to estimate yield of retail cuts from carcasses. The applicability of previously published equations to predict retail yield in thirty carcasses fabricated under a local Spanish- Jalisco style by a commercial butcher shop at the metropolitan area of Guadalajara, Jalisco (Mexico), was investigated. Carcass weight, Longissimus muscle area, rib fat thickness and kidney and pelvic fat were measured. All retail cut and trimmings were weighed and expressed either as total weight (trc) or as percentage of carcass weight (tryd). Published equations to predict tryd had an adjusted R2 of 0.279 to 0.355. Three out of seven equations evaluated gave an intercept and slope coefficient similar to zero and one, respectively. Using trc had an adjusted R2 of 0.929 to 0.969. The same three equations showing an intercept and slope coefficients similar to zero and one, respectively. Regression analysis revealed that the best model to predict tryd included all variables except carcass weight, explaining 44.50% of the variation. In contrast, the prediction of trc indicated that carcass weight explained 95.60% of the variation. Inclusion of Longissimus muscle area and rib fat thickness only improved the adjusted R2 from 0.955 to 0.967. In conclusion, some published equations could be used to predict TRC but as ribbing of the carcass previous its evaluation is not a standard practice at Jalisco nor other regions in Mexico, their applicability would be limited. Further research is warranted to develop a model exempt from ribbing the carcasses.
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