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Título: Simple synthesis of tungsten(VI) oxide starting from a light bulb’s filament
Síntesis sencilla de óxido de tungsteno(VI) a partir del filamento de un foco
Palabras clave: WO3; tungsten trioxide; tungsten(VI) oxide; wolfram(VI) oxide; electrical synthesis; light bulb; IR characterization
Fecha de publicación: 23-Sep-2011
Editorial: Educación Química
Descripción: Tungsten(VI) oxide can be easily synthesized starting from a standard light bulb. The reaction consists in the oxidation at high temperatures (T ≈ 8776; 2000 – 3000° C) of a tungsten filament in presence of air; conditions which can be easily achieved by connecting a broken light bulb (but with its intact filament) to an AC-power supply of 110 volts. The vapor of WO3 is condensed into a beaker in a quantity enough to be characterized by infrared spectroscopy. The experiment is very funny, inexpensive and allows to the teacher to link several topics in current chemistry and physics of the tungsten oxides, such as their nomenclature and technological applications (i.e. electrochromic devices, gasochromic sensors, superalloys or as it is used in home: As a “simple” emisor of light!).
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