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Título: Aphoristic Brevity: Towards a Critique of the Common Theoretical Approach
Palabras clave: Lengua y Literatura
specific difference function
Editorial: Universidad de La Sabana
Descripción: What follows is a critique of the analyses of the aphoristic feature that has produced more agreement among scholars in identifying and/or defining the genre: brevity. I suggest that, throughout the history of the genre, such a feature has had specific functions for particular audiences; among those functions, the specific difference function used to define and delimit the genre, is just a very peculiar one - the function attributed by an audience of literary scholars concerned with generic definitions. In this context, analyses of brevity as the characteristic of the aphoristic genre say more about the current ideological background of analysts than about the genre itself. Pointing at some assumptions of our way of thinking will help to effectively rethink the aphoristic subject.
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