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23-Sep-2011A 540uT-1 silicon-based MAGFET-
23-Sep-2011A centrifuge for studies of fluid dynamics phenomena in a rotating frame of reference-
23-Sep-2011A cmos transsistor-only 2nd modulator-
23-Sep-2011A generalized chaotic encryption system for multimedia applications-
23-Sep-2011A generalized rule of average for glow peak temperature of ternary alkali halide systems;
23-Sep-2011A hamiltonian control approach for the stabilization of the angular velocity of a rigid body system controlled by two torques-
23-Sep-2011A limit-cycle solver for nonautonomous dynamical systems-
23-Sep-2011A low-temperature and seedlees method for producing hydrogen-free Si3N4-
23-Sep-2011A mapping between Lorentz-violating and conventional electrodynamics;
23-Sep-2011A mean field model for brownian and turbulent coagulation of polydispersed aerosols-
23-Sep-2011A methodology to measure the volume of spheroid and oblong solid bodies based on artificial vision technique
23-Sep-2011A new type of analog cosine converter-
23-Sep-2011A noise tolerant technique for submicron dynamic digital circuits-
23-Sep-2011A nonlinear r”gauge for the electroweak theory-
23-Sep-2011A note on a traveling wave on an extensible capsule membrane –with bending rigidity– in poiseuille flow;
23-Sep-2011A note on chaos-based communication schemes-
23-Sep-2011A numerical study of stiffness effects on some high order splitting methods-
23-Sep-2011A parameterized family of single-double-triple-scroll chaotic oscillations-
23-Sep-2011A petal resonator volume coil for MR neuroimaging-
23-Sep-2011A resonant nuclear reaction analysis of fluorine in thin CdO films-