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23-Sep-2011Nematofauna asociada a la rizosfera de papas (Solanum tuberosum) cultivadas en la zona productora del Cofre de Perote, Veracruz, México;
23-Sep-2011Neotropical species of Proisotoma (Collembola: Isotomidae), with description of two new cave species from America;
23-Sep-2011New and noteworthy waterfowl records at artificial wetlands from Baja California Sur, Mexico
23-Sep-2011New contribution to the knowledge of the macromycetes of the Ecological Reserve of the Pedregal of San Ángel, D.F., Mexico;
23-Sep-2011New depth record of Cherublemma emmelas, black brotula (Ophidiiformes: Ophidiidae) from the Gulf of California, Mexico
23-Sep-2011New geographic and depth records for deep-water mollusks in the Gulf of California, Mexico;
23-Sep-2011New geophytic Peperomia (Piperaceae) species from Mexico, Belize and Costa Rica
23-Sep-2011New Lachesilla (Psocodea: ‘Psocoptera’: Lachesillidae) from Peru and Mexico, based on males with one clunial apophysis;
23-Sep-2011New record of Oncifelis colocolo (Felidae) in the Pantanal of Brazil;
23-Sep-2011New records of Agaricales from Sonora, Mexico;
23-Sep-2011New records of the «tepezcuintle» (Agouti paca) in the north of Oaxaca state, Mexico;
23-Sep-2011New species of Aspiculuris (Nematoda: Heteroxynematidae), parasite of Mus musculus (Rodentia: Muridae), from Hidalgo, Mexico;
23-Sep-2011New species of Haematoloechus (Digenea: Plagiorchidae) in the lung of the foothill yellow-legged frog Rana boylii (Anura), from Humboldt County, California, USA
23-Sep-2011New species of Haliotrema Johnston et Tiegs, 1922 (Monogenea: Dactylogyridae) of the gills of Lactophrys polygonia (Pisces: Ostracidae) of Mochima Bay, Venezuela;
23-Sep-2011New species of Hymenocallis (Amaryllidaceae) from Oaxaca and Puebla, Mexico;
23-Sep-2011New species of Lonchocarpus (Millettieae: Leguminosae) from Costa Rica and Panama; lectotypification of sect. Densiflori Benth;
23-Sep-2011New species of Westwoodilla (Peracarida: Amphipoda: Oedicerotidae), and first report for the genus in the South-American Pacific;
23-Sep-2011New specimens and records of chondrichthyan fishes (Vertebrata: Chondrichthyes) off the Mexican Pacific coast;
23-Sep-2011Nicho trófico de la nutria neotropical (Lontra longicaudis) en un ambiente modificado, Temascaltepec, México;
23-Sep-2011Nocturnal rodents at the edge of a microphyllous shrubland and gypsophilous grassland in San Luis Potosí, Mexico;