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-A brief problem-solving indicated-prevention intervention for prevention of depression in nonprofessional caregivers-
-A combined measure for detection of schizotaxia-
-A comparison of memory and executive functions in Alzheimer disease and the frontal variant of frontotemporal dementia-
-A meta-analytic review of framming effect: risky, attribute and goal framing-
-A new IRT-based standard setting method: Application to eCat-Listening-
-A parametrical study of two-way active avoidance acquisition and long-term retention: new approaches for data analyses-
-A predictive study of reading comprehension in third-grade Spanish students-
-A productivity map of cognitive pretest methods for improving survey questions-
-A program to calculate the empirical bias in autocorrelation estimators-
-A proposito del nombre-
-A Spanish adaptation of the Parental Stress Scale-
-A study of physicians' intention to quit: The role of burnout, commitment and diffi cult doctor-patient interactions-
-A systematic review of the complex organization of human cognitive domains and their heritability-
-A validation of the emotional intelligence inventory-
-A vueltas con el error de Otelo: aplicación del modelo de control de fuentes a la credibilidad del testimonio y su afectación por la carga emocional-
-Ability level differentiation in adult males and females-
-Ability-versus skill-based assessment of emotional intelligence-
-Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for drug abuse in incarcerated women-
-Aceptación del dolor crónico en pacientes con fibromialgia: adaptación del Chronic Pain Acceptance Questionnaire (CPAQ) a una muestra española-
-Achievement goals, social goals, and motivational regulations in physical education settings-