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-A BASIC program for the computation and record of heart rate differential scores-
-A bayesian procedure in the context of sequential mastery testing-
-A comparison of backward masking of faces in expression and gender identification-
-A Comparison of the Effectiveness of Three Drug Regimens on Cognitive Performance of Patients with Parkinson's disease-
-A comparison of Web-based and face-to-face Functional Measurement experiments-
-A cross-cultural experimental approach to the contribution of health, religion and personal relations to subjective satisfaction with life as a whole-
-A Functional Assessment of the Impact of Advantages and Disadvantages on Breastfeeding Attitude-
-A functional measurement approach to the Childrens Anxiety and Pain Scale-CAPS: contributions to its construct validity-
-A Functional Measurement Study on Averaging Numerosity-
-A Functional Model for the Integration of Gains and Losses under Risk: Implications for the Measurement of Subjective Value-
-A measure of group dissimilarity for psychological attributes-
-A multiple objective test assembly approach for exposure control problems in Computerized Adaptive Testing-
-A neurocognitive model for short-term sensory and motor preparatory activity in humans-
-A new method to assess eye dominance-
-A New Nonparametric Levene Test for Equal Variances-
-A policy-based weighted averaging model to predict green vehicle market shares-
-A review of attentional capture: On its automaticity and sensitivity to endogenous control-
-A simulation study of rater agreement measures with 2x2 contingency tables-
-A simulation study of rater agreement measures with 2x2 contingency tables-
-AAB and ABA Renewal as a Function of the Number of Extinction Trials in Conditioned Taste Aversion-