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-137Cs Distribution in Guava Trees-
-3D Simulations of the Fragmentation of Photoevaporating Clumps Embedded in a Stellar Wind-
-3S1 and 1S0 Meson Spectra in a Renormalized QCD-Inspired Model-
-A Bird s-Eye View of Density-Functional Theory-
-A categorical characterization of non-distributive lattices-
-A CCD Search for Wide Metal-Poor Binary Stars: Approaching the Metal-Depleted Substellar Limit-
-A computer model for a high temperature fuel cell-
-A Determination of the Atmospheric Gamma-Ray Spectrum between 10 and 100 MeV made at High Geomagnetic Cut-Off-
-A Dirac Description of 1So +3 S1 ¡3 D1 Pairing in Nuclear Matter-
-A Direct Measurement of the Neutron-Neutron Scattering Length-
-A First Principles Investigation of Mercuric Iodide: Bulk Properties and Intrinsic Defects-
-A First-Principles Study of Cr Impurities in Iron.-
-A Formalism forWeak Interactions in Nuclei-
-A generalized chaotic encryption system for multimedia applications-
-A guided walk down wall street: an introduction to econophysics-
-A limit-cycle solver for nonautonomous dynamical systems-
-A Local Non-Abelian Gauge Invariant Action Stemming from the Nonlocal Operator F(D2)-1F-
-A Lossy Method for Compressing Raw CCD Images-
-A Low-Mass Neutron Flux Monitor for the n TOF Facility at CERN-
-A mean field model for brownian and turbulent coagulation of polydispersed aerosols-