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Título: The Light was retreating before Darkness: Tales of the Witch hunt and climate change
Palabras clave: The Light; Darkness; climate change; Great Storn of 1170´s; Crusade; God´s enemies
Fecha de publicación: 14-Nov-2012
Editorial: Instituto de Investigaciones Filológicas
Descripción: Back in time, solar eclipses and comets, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions were often interpreted "as signs of divineanger against human sins". When the Great Storn of 1170´s in England has flatten crops and flood swept away people and buildings, inundating fens, only a Crusade against God´s enemies could placate his anger. However, the belief in witchcraft goes far back into prehistoric era. Weather witching can be encountered in Greco-roman as well as in Celtic and Teutonic cultures.
Other Identifiers: http://revistas.unam.mx/index.php/medievalia/article/view/27395
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