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13-Sep-2011Neighborhood and conflict: a perspective of the relations between Colombia and Ecuador;
13-Sep-2011Oil sector reform and the dispute for its revenues in Brasil;
13-Sep-2011Patricia Galeana [coord.], Historia comparada de las Américas, México, CIALC-CISAN-UNAM/IPGH, 2008, 593 pp.
13-Sep-2011Prolegomenons of a military dictatorship and its philosophy of power;
13-Sep-2011Serge Gruzinski, Quelle Heure est-il la-bas: Amérique et islam à l’orée des Temps modernes, París, Éditions du Seuil, 2008, 227 pp.
13-Sep-2011The argentinean Revolution and the beginning of radicalization: college youth and post-council catholicism in Mendoza (1966-1973);
13-Sep-2011The conservative mentality and the Catholic Church: criticism and defense through satirical and traditionalist press in Santiago;
13-Sep-2011The continental defense of Latin America in the thinking of Manuel Ugarte and Víctor R. Haya de la Torre;
13-Sep-2011The Cuban revolution at 50 years of its triumph, where is it and where is it going?;
13-Sep-2011The economic integration and competitiveness in the electrical sector: case analysis in Latin-America;
13-Sep-2011The equilibrium of dialogue: The seven fools and The flame-throwers of Roberto Arlt;
13-Sep-2011The legitimation of the Social Science in the most important scientific data bases for Latin-America;
13-Sep-2011The liberationist praxis of Enrique Dussel: the conception of the indian;
13-Sep-2011The margins of discourse. Voices and silences in La máquina de escribir (1996), of Juan Martini;
13-Sep-2011The revolt also came from the sugar cane: the case of Puerto Rico;
13-Sep-2011The US foreign policy in the current South American political board;