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13-Sep-2011Teacher Characterization in virtual education: Deliberations for Library Science;
13-Sep-2011Technological, legal and documentary factors about digital documental preservation;
13-Sep-2011The bibliographic and documentary collection: An approach to the problem;
13-Sep-2011The concept and principal projects of digital libraries;
13-Sep-2011The document and its treatment at the end of the century;
13-Sep-2011The document and new technologies: Towards an integrated definition;
13-Sep-2011The documentary thesaurus for representation of educational contents in videos;
13-Sep-2011The editor of conceptual maps, DigiDocMap;
13-Sep-2011The end of the century, globalization and infodiversity;
13-Sep-2011The evaluation of library services: a concise review of the existing literature;
13-Sep-2011The evaluation of science in the context of the documentation sciences;
13-Sep-2011The Fourth Resource: Information and its Management. David P. Best (editor);
13-Sep-2011The half-life of scientific literature in library and information science and the influence of thematic issues;
13-Sep-2011The historical development of the concept bibliography;
13-Sep-2011The hybrid library: A step closer to universal access to information?;
13-Sep-2011The Information Society in the Arab Countries: an approach to socio-economic indicators’ analysis;
13-Sep-2011The knowledge society in Paul Otlet. A Comtean project;
13-Sep-2011The library and the labyrinth;
13-Sep-2011The Most Productive Research Groups of the National Autonomus University of Mexico (UNAM) in the Area of Pysics, 1990-1999;
13-Sep-2011The museologist as an information professional in Santa Catarina, Brazil;