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13-Sep-2011TACS – A System to Authorize Students to Leave the School Building;
13-Sep-2011Technical Proposal on the Treatment of the Influent of the José Antonio Alzate dam Using Aerobic Pond System;
13-Sep-2011Technology Development Project Management and Linking Model for a University R&D Center;
13-Sep-2011Technology System Architecture for Web-Based Education;
13-Sep-2011The Application of Abstract Algebra and Computers to the Solution of Path Problems in Oriented Networks;
13-Sep-2011The application of inventory control in a telecommunications company;
13-Sep-2011The limits of the Newtonian forecast and the search of order in the chaos;
13-Sep-2011The Substance-Field Analysis;
13-Sep-2011Theoretical Design and Simulation of an Overcurrent Relay with Dynamic Setting;
13-Sep-2011Tidal Power Plant Energy Estimation;
13-Sep-2011Tri-Dimensional Numerical Analysis for Forced Convection over a Forward Facing Step;
13-Sep-2011Two proposals for pumping calculations of non-newtonian fluids, water treatment plants disposal sludges case;
13-Sep-2011Unified Dispatch of Energy and Reserves in Electricity Markets;
13-Sep-2011Video-Endoscopic Image Registration for Cartography Reconstruction of Hollow Organs;
13-Sep-2011Volatile Organic Compound Emissions from Light-Duty Vehicles During Cold-Starts;
13-Sep-2011Water Hardness as Basic Indicator the Presence Fouling in Domestic Sanitary Facilities;
13-Sep-2011Wireless Propagation Characteristics for Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks in Motorway Environments;