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13-Sep-2011Nonlinear Motion Control of a Rotary Wing Vehicle Powered by Four Rotors;
13-Sep-2011Novel measurement-based indoor cellular radio system design;
13-Sep-2011Nuevos métodos morfológicos dereccionales para la caracterización de huellas digitales;
13-Sep-2011Numerical Approach to an Outflow Hydrograph of a Dambreak;
13-Sep-2011Numerical Prediction for the Size and Shape of a Flare in a Cross-Wind;
13-Sep-2011Optical Phase Estimators in Modern Homodyne Communications Systems;
13-Sep-2011Ordered Hunt Schemes for Overlaid CDMA Cellular Systems;
13-Sep-2011Parameter Sensitivity of High-Order Equivalent Circuit Models Of Turbine Generator;
13-Sep-2011Performance Profiles of Simulated Annealing and Very fast Simulated Annealing in Thermodynamic Calculations;
13-Sep-2011Practical Design of Digital Filters Using the Pascal Matrix
13-Sep-2011Preliminary proposal of an econometric model for updating rates in profitable highway;
13-Sep-2011Pressure Fluctuations on the Bed of Surge Tank at the H.P. Zimapan, Hgo., with Different Arrangements Studied on Hydraulic Model, with the Lowest Operation Conditions;
13-Sep-2011Probabilistic Estimation of Suspenden Sediment Volume in Watersheads Without Hydrometric Data of the Hydrological Region No. 10 (Sinaloa);
13-Sep-2011Procedimientos de diseño en mecatrónica
13-Sep-2011Process Optimization for Valuable Metal Recovery from Dental Amalgam Residues;
13-Sep-2011Product Design for Variety Based on Modularity Analysis;
13-Sep-2011Propuesta tecnológica para incrementar la productividad en la construcción masiva de vivienda-
13-Sep-2011Quality of service management efficient scheme for the universal mobile telecommunications system;
13-Sep-2011Rainfall Maximum Intensities for Urban Hydrological Design in Mexican Republic;
13-Sep-2011Reducción del retardo en el cambio de canal en servicios IPTV;