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13-Sep-20113-4 day Kelvin waves observed in the MLT region at 7.4º S, Brazil;
13-Sep-20113D Simulations of the Quiet Sun Radio Emission at Millimeter and Submillimeter Wavelengths;
13-Sep-2011A case study of a winter heavy rainfall event over the Serra do Mar in Brazil;
13-Sep-2011A general model for tectonic control of magmatism: Examples from Long Valley Caldera (USA) and El Chichón (México);
13-Sep-2011A generalized equation of state with an application to the Earth’s Mantle;
13-Sep-2011A new method of damage determination in geothermal wells from geothermal inflow with application to Los Humeros, Mexico;
13-Sep-2011A rheological model of post-seismic deformation for the 2001 Kunlun, China earthquake, Mw 7.8;
13-Sep-2011A simplified numerical approach for lateral spreading evaluation;
13-Sep-2011A statistical link between tropical cyclone intensification and major geomagnetic disturbances;
13-Sep-2011A suggested reverse geomagnetic polarity event from the Panga de Abajo magnetic anomalies in Mexicali Valley, Baja California, Mexico;
13-Sep-2011A test of the effect of boundary conditions on the use of tracers in reservoir characterization;
13-Sep-2011Absolute Thellier paleointensities from Ponta Grossa dikes (southern Brazil) and the early Cretaceous geomagnetic field strength;
13-Sep-2011An equation of state for more than two phases, with an application to the Earth’s mantle;
13-Sep-2011An exploratory study for rapid estimation of critical source parameters of great subduction-zone earthquakes in Mexico;
13-Sep-2011Application of the pseudo-Thellier technique to a paleomagnetic record from lake El Trébol (Patagonia, Argentina);
13-Sep-2011Are northeast and western Himalayas earthquake dynamics better “organized” than Central Himalayas: An artificial neural network approach;
13-Sep-2011Automatic non-volcanic tremor detection in the Mexican subduction zone;
13-Sep-2011AVOA technique for fracture characterization: resolving ambiguity;
13-Sep-2011Body-wave attenuation near the rupture of the 1887 Sonora, México, earthquake (Mw 7.5);
13-Sep-2011Can lower E-region dust particles be responsible for counter electrojet?;